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   9. Wish/TODO list

9. Wish/TODO list

  • Stylus launcher
  • Setting backlight low when locked for saving extra battery
  • Prevent errors from running 2 instances of TouchLockAction simulatenously
  • Make it possible to specify a negative ClockY setting, so you can have a stripe at the bottom in portrait AND landscape
  • Ini file for lock/unlock
  • Exceptions list to not lock when some app is running and/or in foreground
  • Toggle command in TouchLockAction between lock/unlock
  • Simple GPS tracker, so people can keep track of their visits/locations
  • Possibility to start a program at lock/unlock/poweron
  • Add notification icon possibility instead of BattClock
  • 16 NavSensor swipes, 8 when locked, 8 when unlocked, doubling the possibilities
  • 8 GSensor commands, 4 when locked, 4 when unlocked, doubling the possibilities
  • Diamond2 ZoomBar unlocking
  • !UNLOCKSCREEN command
  • Visual Feedback that button is pushed
  • Integrate with Windows Mobile 6.5 locking
  • Override the light sensor unlock at an incoming call
  • Make TF3D Workaround work with *NEW* hardware key locking
  • Foreground window when locked
  • Lock whole TouchPanel/Hardware keys via Foreground window
  • Distinguish between Keyboard Out and Landscape for SIP
  • Make TouchLockAction also suitable for different resolutions (240x320, 240x240, 320x320, 480x480, 480x640)
  • Automatically determine the BattClock settings dependent of the screen resolution, so it works also for other resolutions out of the box
  • Visual Stripe feedback when an unlock sequence is detected (key, capacitive touch, GSensor orientation)
  • Possibility to Export/Import TouchLockPro settings in the About screen
  • Improve GSENSOR approach: look into HTC GSENSOR version 4 issues
  • Possibility that length of Stripe shows the battery percentage left
  • Option to let TouchLockPro lock at boot/soft reset
  • Option to keep leds blinking at power off
  • Volume Control
  • More control over BattClock content
  • Add Auto backlight control possibility (G-Light like approach) for saving extra battery
  • Add possibility to automatically change orientation from Portrait to Landscape when detected by GSensor
  • Subclass TF3D home screen instead of current workaround tab right-left (2.2.7 method)
  • Record mode for GSensor orientation changes, for easier configuration
  • TLPSuspend
  • BattClock click action configurable
  • Support wired headset like bluetooth
  • Make it possible to lock with Stylus out, only react on state changes
  • Possibility to select different SIP when on AC/USB power
  • Add support for Proximity Sensor
  • ZoomBar configuration: sequence and actions configurable
  • Exception list also for TAPI
  • Option to keep the screen on
  • Option to lock only the Touchscreen at incoming call
  • Option Screen off when GSENSOR orientation is UPSIDE_DOWN and no incoming call, so it will not use extra battery when it awakes in your pocket.
  • Option to lock also the keys with InCallTweak

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