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   2. Great to have *ANY* application locked
   2.1 Features
   2.2 How to install?
   2.3 How to lock?
   2.4 How to unlock?

2. Great to have *ANY* application locked

You do not accidentally press touchpanel/hardware buttons anymore, so you can put the phone safely in your pocket. And it does not interfere with other applications. Examples:
  • TouchFlo3D or any other Today Screen
  • GPS applications (Google Maps, Tom Tom, IGO8, OziExplorer)
  • Music player, Camera, Opera
  • Incoming call

    2.1 Features

  • Be able to put the phone in your pocket with touchpanel and all hardware buttons locked.
  • Avoid missed calls, by accidentally pressing the TouchPanel and hardware buttons.
  • With Bluethooth headset still incoming calls can be answered, although it is locked.
  • Auto-detect Bluetooth, do not disable locking by light sensor and do not execute TAPI commands when Bluetooth radio on
  • Possibility to only lock the TouchPanel (so you can still answer an incoming call using the Hardware keys).
  • Possibility to only lock the hardware keys (so you can still answer an incoming call via slide to answer)
  • Possibility to scroll the TouchPanel while locked in combination with the *NEW* hardware key locking
  • No effect on Battery life.
  • Consumes almost no CPU cycles (event driven). Check it with a Task Manager (0,0%)!!
  • Very tiny program (only 38 Kb in memory!!)
  • Clock and battery percentage indicates Locked/Unlocked, pressing the indicator starts the TouchLockAction program.
  • Possibility to show Time, BatteryPercentage and/or Date in BattClock.
  • Possibility to use Stripe or Stealth mode instead of a BattClock.
  • The Light Sensor will automatically unlock in not too dark lighting conditions.
  • Unlock via a configurable key sequence
  • GSENSOR orientation changes to unlock and lock, 4 (external) commands can be configured for different orientation sequences
  • Triple touch the capacitive hardware area (or another sequence) to unlock
  • Swipe the capacitive hardware area for unlock and lock, 8 (external) commands can be configured for the diffrent swipe moves
  • Use Stylus for locking/unlocking.
  • Use keyboard slider for locking/unlocking.
  • Unlocked when on AC or USB power.
  • T(elephone)API support (call incoming, call connected and call ended).
  • InCallTweak when Call Connected (incoming and outgoing), so you do not press accidently the TouchPanel with your ear.
  • Vibration/Beep possibilities when locked/unlocked.
  • LED control when locked
  • Separate TouchLockAction program for Lock Screen, Lock Suspend, Settings, soft-reset and power off.
  • Automatically detects Portrait or Landscape mode at runtime and switches accordingly.
  • AppToDate support.
  • You do not need to have all the sensors for unlocking, TouchLockPro detects the not available sensors and just continues with the ones working.
  • SIP (Software Input Panel) Changer: dependent of Stylus, Keyboard and/or orientation position choose automatically other SIP
  • Easy configurable via Settings screens

    2.2 How to install?

  • Deinstall the previous version of other locking programs (e.g. TouchLockPro, StylusLock, Answerkey disabler, SensorLock, S2U2)
  • Copy the TouchLockPro.x.y.CAB file from your computer to the phone Memory card
  • Go via the explorer of the phone to the location where you copied the .CAB file and click on it to start installation
  • Advice is to install it to the Phone memory and not to the Memory card, TouchLockPro is very small and so it also works in "DiskDrive" mode

    2.3 How to lock?

    Prerequisite: Stylus is IN, not on AC/USB power
  • Press the power button (AutoLockOnPowerOn)
  • When the Proximity sensor is detecting an object nearby and you configured UseProximityScreenOff
  • Take OUT the Stylus and putting it back IN within 1 second
  • Capacitive Swipe Down the right panel to lock the screen
  • Capacitive Swipe Left or Right the right panel to lock and suspend, no need to press the power button!
  • GSENSOR orientation changes (e.g. Portrait-Face Up-Face Down), no need to press the power button!
  • Pressing the BattClock and choose one of the Lock option in the TouchLockAction program

    2.4 How to unlock?

    You need first to press the power button, to put the screen on, if that is not (yet) the case.
  • Wait till the Light Sensor unlocks automatically (default 2 seconds) in not too dark lighting conditions
  • When the Proximity sensor is not detecting an object nearby and you configured UseProximity
  • Take OUT the Stylus (in that case the power button needs not to be pressed)
  • Slide the keyboard open
  • GSENSOR orientation changes (e.g. Portrait-Upside Down-Portrait, but not too fast)
  • Triple touch the capacitive hardware area at the same area within 3 seconds (the number of valid touches at the same area are shown instead of the battery life percentage)
  • Capacitive Swipe Up right panel
  • Press Volume Down and then Volume Up
  • Attach to AC/USB power

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