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Latest *FREE* release

  • TouchLockPro.2.12.9.CAB

    Samsung Windows Mobile SDK redistributables

    Choose the appropriate redistributable below if you have one of the mentioned Samsung Windows Mobile phones to get Light Sensor and GSensor support with TouchLockPro. You need to install once one of the Samsung SDK redistributables below on your Samsung Windows Mobile phone.

    SGH-i900 Omnia, SCH-i910 Omnia,GT-I8000 Omnia 2, SCH-m490/m495 T*Omnia:

  • with Windows Mobile Pro 6.1
  • with Windows Mobile Standard 6.1

    Omnia Pro, GT-B7620 Armani, GT-I8000 Omnia II, SCH-i920 Omnia II:

  • with Windows Mobile Pro 6.5
  • with Windows Mobile Standard 6.5

    Source code



    Post TouchLockPro comments/questions on the XDA-developers forum thread.
    See changelog for the detailed improvements


    Currently TouchLockAction start screen is translated into 32 languages. The detailed settings menu's are translated into:
  • Russian translations, thanks to Vadim Bogaiskov
  • Chinese Simplified translations, thanks to zhongzw
  • Chinese Traditional translations, thanks to victorchen101
  • Spanish translation, thanks to animalote
  • French translations, thanks to YoLoLo
  • Italian translations, thanks to tigro11 and ephestione
  • Norwegian translations, thanks to longice
  • Czech translations, thanks to oldasuk
  • Dutch translation, thanks to myself ;-)

    All the available translations are part of the CAB file and the not needed translations are removed after first use of TouchLockAction (to save disk space). Of course, others would be glad if you can help in (updating) translation. This has been made easier by using an Excel spreadsheet with all the texts and languages. I hope also other people are now providing/updating translations ;-)
    This Excel spreadsheet contains all the text you can translate. Choose the column of your language and translate the missing text.
    Thereafter post the translations in the excel spreadsheet as zipped attachment in the support group

    I will then update this in the next version

    Enjoy the *FREE* software and support!

    Donate PayPal > USD / EUR

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    Older *FREE* releases

  • TouchLockPro.2.12.8.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.7.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.6.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.5.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.4.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.3.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.12.1.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.11.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.5.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.4.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.3.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.10.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.9.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.8.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.8.1.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.8.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.6.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.5.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.3.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.1.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.7.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.7.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.6.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.3.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.2.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.1.CAB
  • TouchLockPro.2.6.CAB

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